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The singer and guitarist quickly became a fan favorite, That’s a pretty impressive list of the Top 10 American Idol Country Singers, but do you agree?

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The blonde’s style is unique and compelling, This rocker-turned-country-singer has a little wild in her eyes and an individual style that no one else has copied

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Since then, the Texas native and Pistol Annies singer has gone on to release five studio albums. Click through to see country’s most beautiful blonde bombshells.

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Laura Ashley Bell Bundy (born April 10, 1981 in Euclid, Ohio) is an American actress and singer who has performed in a number of Broadway roles, her best known being

Feb 24, 2016 · 25 classic country singers. A list of 25 old country singers who were instrumental in defining the genre and influencing today’s top contemporary artists.

The country artists who found success after appearing on ‘American Idol’ can be credited with the show tapping a country judge to lead the Season 12 of the

It’s no easy task picking the 10 hot female country singers. Whether you’re looking for a sweet teen next door or a redneck woman who can match you whiskey shot for

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Nov 15, 2009 · How many blonde female country singers can you name off the top of your The lead singer of the Dixie blonde female country singers top

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Country music hotties, the gay singer? Christine. Who’s Nate Green? Eric. Josey Greenwell. krystal. ABOUT TEEN.COM.