Why Does Paypal Suck

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PayPal Sucks, San Jose, California. 57,379 likes · 67 talking about this · 165 were here. Just to confirm what we already know, PayPal does suck.

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Why I hate PayPal (why PayPal Sucks) | Knaddison.com [] paypal suck go to hell. paypal is the criminal processor payment.they close my account without warning

Nov 30, 2010 · Why does paypal suck so much? I just wanted to vent. My account is all messed up. I used to be a verified Paypal user then one day I woke up and the

why PayPal sucks. sublm. Views 125 Likes Comments Comment. 25 NEW YOU SUCK AT PARKING CARDS FUNNY PARKING BUSINESS TICKETS PRANK JOKE DEAL Image.

EBAY AND PAYPAL SUCK. BEWHARE DON’T USE THEM. Let me first say thank you. I m happy that your taking the time to point out why eBay sucks for sellers!

The fees and costs are beyond what any normal person working for a normal company would do. Considering the cost with shipping then the cost of

Paypal Sucks; Fuck Paypal horror hell. I have had (U.S.-based) eBay and PayPal accounts since like forever. Paypal does indeed suck. They presume far too much.

Welcome To PayPal Sucks Welcome to the world’s largest eBay and PayPal consumer gripe site network! Have you been burned by PayPal or eBay? Join the club!

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A site detailing why eBay sucks and how you can deal with various eBay/PayPal issues.

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Well, PayPal is a set of products that has 103m active users and it’s on a $4B+ run rate, so it can’t suck that badly. Addressing your specific points (n.b.

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