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There have long been attempts to add links to external pages offering materials allegedly helpful in learning Russian. Some of these links are placed here.

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WP No External Links. Mask all external links – make them internal or hide. .po file translation (sorry, now only english and russian versions are available)

External links Russian edition of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The dictionary definition of Appendix:Russian Swadesh list at Wiktionary; Oxford

Russian Revolution/External links. From Wikiversity < Russian Revolution. Jump to: navigation, Russian Revolution and Civil War archive at

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Hero of the Russian Federation (Russian: External links. The Commission on State Awards to the President of the Russian Federation The Russian Gazette

Useful Links Russian at Oxford: undergraduate level, research Taylor Bodleian Slavonic and Modern Greek Library; St Antony┬┤s Russian and Eurasian Studies

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External Link is an application which allows you to publish items within the App Bar in the Splash Portal, in order to provide links for external URLs.

The Russian in The Punisher Vol. 5, #9 (December 2000) External links. Russian at Marvel Wiki; Russian at Comic Vine; Russian at the Comic Book DB

Notes: Included is the indebtedness in domestic and foreign currencies. * Public Sector External Debt covers liabilities of the General Government, the Central bank

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