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A frenum piercing is a type of body piercing located on the underside of the shaft of the penis. A series of parallel frenum piercings is known as a frenum ladder.

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Frenum Piercing – Male Genital Piercing. The Frenum is a very popular male piercing, second only to the Prince Albert. (head) of the penis.

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Experiences of Frenum Piercings on Men. I got a frenum piercing done just before Christmas and would like to hear from others what type of jewel and size they wear?

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Forums > Main > The Healthy Penis > frenulum piercings. Although an option that can make a frenulum piercing less likely to pull out iis to get a ring the goes

Apr 11, 2014 · Category:Frenum piercings. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to: navigation, search. Penis mit Piercing am Frenulum.jpg 1.61 MB.

The frenulum of prepuce of penis, often known simply as the frenulum, is an elastic band of tissue under the glans penis that connects the foreskin

Lately I have been thinking about frenum piercings. I was talking with some friends about some good penis piercings, and the one that caught my

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Dec 02, 2016 · The frenum is one type of male genital piercing that is quite common. Its quick healing time and minimal pain make for a very desirable piercing.

A frenum piercing is a piercing performed through the surface skin of the shaft of the penis just under the glans, but not entering the urethra or the shaft core.

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