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People who text the Feminist Phone Intervention Line will get an automatically-generated text with a quote from bell hooks, the pen name of feminist author and

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Find words the letters associated with your phone number spell. Pick a vanity phone number based on available prefixes.

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Sasha Daygame says make your intentions clear and get her phone number in a way where it’s obvious it’s for sex. Just stand your ground and be a man about it!

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Between his ex-wives,ren,and jet set travel-James the attorney has a higher FUCK YOU NUMBER than Joe the plumbing contractor.

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Maximize your VoIP service by taking advantage of our free telephone numbers. Receive unlimited incoming calls at no monthly cost per number.

Skip forever, Yahoo, I’m not giving you my fucking phone number! The BBQ Pit Fuck you, you idiots. I have four Yahoo mail accounts (one of which is for the SDMB).

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Lyrics to ‘What’z Ya # Number’ by 2Pac. {*phone beeps as it’s dialed*} / What’s ya phone number? / Hehe, get some pussy, hahahaha! {*snickering and talking to

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