Cast Nylon

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Cast Nylons Stock Shapes NYCAST ® STOCK SHAPES Please call with your specific needs as we may have stock items not listed that are applicable. We can also

Cast Nylon 6 (polycaprolactam) has similar mechanical properties to extruded nylon 6/6; however there are distinct advantages. Cast nylon 6 is often less expensive

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Piedmont Plastics stocks cast nylon, a versatile thermoplastic resin offering excellent wear and impact resistance. Available in standard and custom colors.

Unoriented Cast Nylon 6 Films are manufactured to customer specifications on wide cast extrusion lines, and can be Monolayer, Coextruded, or Extrusion Coated to

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Cast Nylon 6. What is Cast Nylon 6? Nylon 6, most commonly known as Cast Nylon, was first developed prior to WWII by DuPont. However, it was not until 1956 with the

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Nylon® – Cast (Cast Nylon Rod, Sheet & Tube). Order Online. Nylon is available through the Professional Plastics website. Price varies, compare and save. 聚酰胺

Cast Nylons Limited offers 42 standard and custom product formulas to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

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Cast nylon 6 features high wear resistance and toughness, making it ideal for gears, pulleys, bearings, and more. Nylon 6 meets FDA requirements.

Contact Plastics International for cast nylon 6 and plastic sheets. Cast nylon provides excellent dimensional stability and is less expensive than nylon 6/6.