Bizarre Plants

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Some plants have unusual or strange flowers, while others have interesting leaf shapes or branching patterns. This plant, however, is bizarre and strange all around

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Even though classifying something as bizarre is pretty relative and will differ from person to person, these plants are most definitely strange in more than just one way.

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May 31, 2015 · Our planet is host to an immense variety of life, much of which is a large variety of plants that cover the globe. Considering how large the planet is and

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Feb 09, 2014 · A video I created about some really strange plants that you never knew existed around the world. Watch the video to learn more 🙂 It includes: Welwitschia

Apr 07, 2013 · 10 Weird And Truly Terrifying Plants. Richard Everett April 8, 2013. the bizarre neurotoxic plant that can make you rob your own house,

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Plants and fungi are classified as different kingdoms by scientists, just like s, Protists, Jeff Goldblum and two distinct kinds of bacteria. However,

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Top 10 Bizarre Plants These plants are not garden basics! Walk on the wild side with these weird and wonderful bizarre plants.

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By Tony Aventfor American Nurseryman Magazine Amorphophallus atroviridis ‘Pewterware’ Have you ever seen a plant so bizarre that you thought no one would ever b