Barrier Nylon Resin Is

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Barrier Nylon Resin Is 115

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 28

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 91

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 117

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 65

OXYCLEAR® barrier resin is a polyester-based, monolayer oxygen ingress barrier resin that provides long shelf life protection.

Learn more about barrier properties in food packaging . New Copolymer Resin Manufacturing Welcome to AdvanSix Nylon Solutions and a leading portfolio of resins

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 101

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 3

INVISTA exhibits its latest barrier resin technology at Drinktec 2013 Packaging technology for oxygen-sensitive food and beverages such as beer, juice, wine and sauces

Barrier Plastics, manufacturer of Baritainers. Baritainers are HDPE containers with Quoral Barrier Resin that contain hazardous chemicals and are used in lieu of

Aegis ® OXCE barrier nylon resin is an oxygen-scavenging nylon formulated for the high-oxygen barrier demands of plastic beer bottles and flavored alcoholic beverage

Nylon Barrier Resin, Selar® PA 3426 is an amorphous nylon (polyamide) resin which exhibits superior transparency, good barrier properties to gases, water, solvents

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 79

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 96

Barrier Nylon Resin Is 107

DuPont™ Selar® PA amorphous nylon barrier resins provide unique oxygen barrier properties when wet or chilled

Aegis® HFX barrier nylon resin is an oxygen-scavenging nylon formulated for the high oxygen barrier demands of juice, tea, and condiment bottles.

Biodegradable, High Barrier, Water Soluble, Extrusion Polymer • Oxygen barrier property of HAVOH is decreased under high Nylon resin: room temperature <3

Aegis® OXCE barrier nylon resin is well suited to the co-injection process because its recommended processing temperature is similar to that of PET.